Five Hundred Miles

I was up with, or even before, the larks this morning. I have been waking earlier recently, somewhere around four to five. I’m letting the dogs out into the garden then either nipping back to bed for a snooze or just bimbling around for a while.

Somewhere around five, I’ve been taking a dog out before returning to base to swap puppies. They are getting very good at this, one walks in and the other trots up to me ready to be clipped to the lead.

Today, we walked a regular route which I call Landrail Walk.

It is a walk of just over a mile and includes a footpath with no associated road where the dogs can run free, with me keeping an eye out for other dogs, cats, squirrels etc.

After work I had planned to walk to meet the other half from work at half five, giving me about an hour and a half to cover six miles.

It would not be the most scenic route, not even in the top twenty of scenic routes, but it was one of the shortest routes between where I was and where I needed to be.

I started with a walk through Garrison Lane Park before a short jaunt along the canal.

A short walk brought me to another, small, park (Morris Park) which was soon traversed.

From this point on, I was keeping a close eye on my watch because, when I set off, my annual walking total stood at four hundred and ninety eight.

As I descended Alderson Road, I spotted a rainbow ahead of me – somewhere near my five hundred mile mark.

Only a few hundred metres to go!

As my watch bleeped for two miles walked this afternoon, I whipped out a Post-it note onto which I’d earlier scribbled “500” and with my back to the rainbow, I grabbed a selfie.

Checking back, I am a little behind last year’s schedule as I had reached my “Proclaimers” point on the third !

The rest of the walk was fairly anti-climatic and I arrived at the pet shop (where Sue works) with plenty of time to spare.

After work, Sue drove us back home where a small package on the door mat was awaiting me. It was my new merino wool gloves.

I tried them on. I showed them to the dogs with a stern “LEAVE!” as I didn’t want these to suffer as the last pair did (LINK).

Wearing the new gloves, I took the dogs out in turn for a short mile and a bit each.


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