Chew Chew

It is a common fact that dogs like to chew things.
It is a less common fact that a particular dog like to chew my clothes.

To be more precise – Today, Misty loves to chew my gloves !

Luckily, I didn’t have my hands in them at the time.

I’ve had a trawl on the internet and have found another pair of the same (Rab Primaloft – see lower photo) for fifteen quid. I’ll be taking that out of her dog biscuit fund !

Going out in the rain, earlier today, I chose my Salomon Goretex shoes, only to find that something had been nibbling on the laces.

Now, these are not your normal laces but are what Salomon call Quicklaces. To tie your shoes, you just pull on a tab and slide down a locking piece. To undo, push the lock and slide open – great when the shoes are caked in mud.

So it was out with the debit card and another nine quid spent for a replacement quicklace kit.

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