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Friday morning was the ‘usual’ local walk clocking up around three miles for the pair of pooches.

In the evening, Sue took Gabby for about a mile or so and I took Misty out for about double that.

We met up towards the end of my walk and the dogs (Kev & Misty, Sue & Gabby) walked almost correctly together.

Saturday, Sue took the Misty for a short walk and I had a rare lie-in.

In the afternoon, Sue retired to catch up on her beauty sleep whilst I, my daughter, Kassie, and grandson took the dogs to Sutton Park.

Once they had calmed down we let them of their leads and on the whole were very well behaved.

They played nicely with most dogs that they came across.

Dainton, had a great time running with the dogs and the three of them spent ages chasing sticks – yes, all three of them.

We continued our walk with the dogs running through just about every muddy puddle they came across.

To try and get them clean, we swung by the bridge over the stream by The Butts.

They had a great time splashing about in the water but eventually we had to move on. At least they were clean!

However, the canine cleanliness did not last long and they were soon, yet again, caked in mud.

Luckily, I had stuck the Mud Daddy in the car so they both got a bit of a hose-down when we got back to the car park, followed by a good rub with the big micro-fibre towel.

We walked around three miles but it was rather slow, more of an amble so I’m not counting it towards the #walk1000miles.

With no official miles logged for today, I’ll class it as a very rare rest day.

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

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