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A mile and a bit each before work.

In the evening, I took the dogs out for what I call Shetland Walk. Obviously, nowhere near The Shetland Isles but a lot closer to home.

When the local estate was built, each area had all of it’s roads based on a particualar theme.

We have roads named after Rivers, Birds, Cars and in the case of Shetland, Islands.

As we walked past Arran, Orkney and Skye, I was listening to the Talk Ultra Podcast (LINK). This is mainly aimed at fans of ultra running but as I consider myself an ultra runner who just happens to walk, I often listen to this podcast.

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Of particular interest, today, was a mini-discussion about Cheese and Marmalade Sandwiches – one of my favourites !

In another section, there was a chat with Claire Smith, known as Brutal Claire who recently completed a ‘Double Deca Ironman’ which equates to a 48 mile swim, 2,240 mile bike and a 524 mile run !

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

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