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Lockdown 5k

Signing up for a virtual Cani-Cross event – in Scotland.

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Scottish Highlands Walk

Playing with the treadmill

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Sunday Summary

Sunday walkies with the dogs

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What a Week

How Coronavirus is affecting my world.

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Hundred Down

Another big walking event has been cancelled. The LDWA annual one hundred mile event, Y 100 Sir Fynwy, due to be…

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RAWW Cancelled

So, that’s another event cancelled. After nearly finishing me off last year, I was making this my Number One event…

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Still in lockdown and only being allowed out once a day to exercise, I have had to resort to a…

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The Day The Lockdown Arrived

It was bound to happen. Because of the C-word, people were ASKED to stay out of the pubs.People did not.People…

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I was up a smidge later than usual, waking in my own time and not at the behest of the…

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It’s been an odd week

The start of the week sees the coronavirus (a.k.a. Covid-19) crisis worsen with people being asked not to visit pubs,…