I’m Still (King)Standing

The dogs had each had a mile and a half walk in the morning but my training plan called for eight miles today.

Late afternoon, I jumped on the 96 bus for a circuitous ride to Kingstanding.

While riding the 96, I overheard a guy talking on the phone telling the person on the other end that he had just got on the 71! I thought nothing more until we reached Erdington where the phone man got off. As he alighted, he asked the driver, “Is this the normal 71 route?”
“No, mate, but it is the normal 96 route!”

The 96 continued, finally reaching Kingstanding Circle an hour after I boarded the bus.

From the terminus, I climbed the hill of Rough Road towards Sutton Park passing Perry Barr Reservoir. This covered reservoir holds eighty three million litres of water that has flowed, without pumping, eighty six miles from mid Wales and supplies drinking water to the local areas.

I crossed the border into the ROYAL town of Sutton Coldfield making my way to the famous park by way of Banners Gate.

With the daylight fading, I guessed that I could get through the park to Boldmere before it got too dark.

As I descended towards the bright lights of Boldmere, I passed the Sea Scouts and then the Sea Cadets training ship. I remebered that the Sea Cadets’ building is shaped like a ship.

I left Sutton Park and made my way to the increasingly busier road to Boldmere.

I made my way along the imaginatively named Boldmere Road, dodging the early Saturday night revelers aiming for Chester Road.

I did notice an interesting place that may need further investigation.

At Chester Road, I turned left and followed the road all the way to Castle Bromwich.

On the way, I passed under the railway at Chester Road Station and walked alongside Pipe Haynes Park.

From the end of Chester Road where it becomes the Collector Road, I made my way up Castle Bromwich hill and from there it was only a couple of miles before I got home.

I reached home after covering nine miles from Kingstanding. I took that walk as a warm up to another mile and a bit with the dogs bringing the daily total to fourteen miles.


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