A Winters Day

I awoke before the hounds so I dressed before venturing go out (I do not normally out without dressing – you know what I mean!).

Still on an easy week I did a couple of miles equally divided between Misty and Gabby.

After work, I walked the mile into the city centre to catch the X12 bus out to meet Sue from work. As I walked I was soon aware that I was getting pelted with hail.

This was the first wintery shower of the year and things were turning white.

(Un)fortunately, it was quite mild and the solid rain soon turned to the more usual wet state.

I think that this white stuff caught a few people out and it persisted for around half an hour or so – by which time I was on the nice warm bus.

After dinner, and the inevitable washing up, we ventured outside for a mile with each dog.

The hail / sleet / snow had stopped and we were back to good ol’ fashioned rain.


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