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It was just after seven when I heard the first canine whimper. I went downstairs, let them out into the garden for toilet while I did the same indoors.

I dressed and eventually ventured out for a short mile and a bit, wet, walk with Misty.

After all the recent long walks (especially for Misty’s young legs) she was a little slower than usual – I reckon we need an easy day today.

Getting back, I towelled Misty off before repeating the exercise with Gabby. Luckily the rain stopped just after we had started the walk.

My daughter and grandson popped around to play with the dogs and even took Gabby out for a short walk.

Late afternoon, on my own, I set off to walk to The Griffin (well it is Sunday!).

I took the usual route through Water Orton, Hams Hall and across a fairly muddy field to Whitacre.

From Whitacre, I continued towards Hogrills End before cutting through Colin Teall Wood and along the railway skirting the reservoir.

The track got progressively more squelchy before I hit terra firma (well it was firma than the mud!) with less than half a mile to go.

I arrived at The Griffin at around 18:50, changed my top before venturing inside.

Back home, plugging the numbers into my master spreadsheet, I discovered that I’d walked 67 miles this week.

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

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