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Well, the plan worked and I was awoken at …

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I had a leisurely breakfast before heading out the door, firstly with Misty followed by Gabby.

My training schedule called for sixteen miles so we did the Water Orton circuit – so there’s six out of the way.

On the first lap, we went anti-clockwise, for a change, ending up climbing Attleboro Lane and passing the HS2 compound with the sensitive detectors I mentioned last Sunday (LINK).

Today, I was ready for it and recorded this video …

The top of Attleboro lane can be a little muddy and after the recent rain, it was. Misty took great delight in running through EVERY puddle – most of them more than once.

Back home, not wanting to get the Mud Daddy out (LINK) I just rubbed her down with the micro fibre towel. It worked a treat and is easy to use as Misty loves having her tummy rubbed.

Once Misty was dry, I clipped the lead to Gabby and I was back out of the door. We did the same route but in reverse.

In contrast to Misty running through every puddle, Gabby tried her best to avoid getting her paws muddied.

Mid afternoon, to complete that sixteen mile target, I left the pooches with Sue and set off to Hams Hall for a planned nine miler.

I followed the usual route using the soon to be closed path from the A446 towards Coleshill Parkway.

After passing the railway station whose car park was full of double decker buses with ‘Rail Replacement Service’ displayed as their destination, I made my way to the banks of the Tame.

There was a fair bit of mud on the path so I assume that the river must have flooding in the recent rains.

I crossed the railway and carried on as far as the field to Whitacre whereupon my watch showed 4.5 miles – half way.

About turn. I retraced my steps returning home at around half five.

I did spot a dinosaur in coleshill …

In the evening one of my daughters popped around to see Mom and Day (or Misty and Gabby?) Taking a dog each (she chose, the generally easier to handle, Gabby) we set off in opposite directions.

Misty and I managed another couple of miles joining up with Gabby with a few hundred metres left to go. With Gabby in front, Misty was fairly well behaved, pulling a little but paying attention and coming to heel when asked (for a while).

MY daily mileage was 16 miles bumping the annual total to 363 (well on target for the #walk1000miles.

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