They’re Doing my Head in !

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These dogs, or one in particular, are doing my head in.

Earlier, every day this week, the dogs have woken me up. They have got used to a routine where I get up, take them for a walk, feed them, then I go to work.

For some reason (and it’s not the earlier sunrise) Misty starts whining which wakes me. If I don’t go to her she just gets louder and more insistent which eventually wakens the other half – so I have to get up.

The idea, if they wake this early, is to let them out into the garden then they settle down so that I can get another hours kip.

However, no one’s let them in on the plan so when I try to return to the still warm bed, Misty continues with the moaning so I just have to get up proper.

Then they get their walkies.

Today it was 04:15 when it all kicked off !

On the plus side ( I think ) we did get two two mile walks in before work but I am feeling so very tired.

After work, I was still very tired so decided NOT to take the dogs out however their pent-up energy ad them running around like a couple of demented animals so I had to give in.

Sue took Gabby out for a couple of miles and Misty and I covered three.

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