Even Easier Tuesday

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I was rudely awoke by the dogs at around 04:40 – not a good start.

I got up, dressed and prepared to walk some dogs.

Misty was first out of the door and, as we had a while before I had to go to work, planned a two miler. A nice easy circular walk down to Arran and back via Kingfisher Way.

A nice walk and one where I can let the dog run off lead as long as I keep an eye out for distraction like other dogs or, worse still, pussy cats.

Thirty eight minutes after setting out, I was back in the house swapping the lead from Misty to Gabby .

Gabby and I followed the same route and finished in roughly the same time.

It was still just after six so there was time for breakfast all round before I departed for work.

No walks after work so just 4.1 for the day taking the accumulated mileage upto 317 miles.

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