Easy Monday

After a not very good night’s sleep, I gave up and got up at around 05:00 and dragged Misty out of the door for an easy early morning stroll. Actually, Gabby didn’t take much dragging – they’re both always very keen to go walkies.

Misty and I covered 1.4 miles and then it was Gabby’s turn. Together, we covered another 1.4 miles.

Then it was breakfast (for all three) before I left for work.

I got back from work in time to walk the dogs to the pet shop to meet Sue from work.

Feeling brave, I took them both together and after an initial free for all, they settled down at least until they copped sight of the pet shop !

Today’s mileage only 4.2 miles.

This year’s mileage stands at 313 miles.


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