Sunday … it must be the pub!

Following on from yesterday’s long walks, I let the dogs off lightly with only a couple of miles each around the local streets.

In the afternoon, and a Sunday afternoon at that, I arranged with Sue to walk walk to The Griffin from where she would meet me with the car.

After all the recent precipitation, I assumed that my usual route via Whitacre would be sub-marine, I chose to stick to the roads picking a route through Water Orton, Gilson, Coleshill and Shustoke.

I started at five taking the usual track to Water Orton passing some HS2 works. As I passed, a klaxon followed by a voice explaining that my presence had been detected and the owner and police had been informed !

Image result for hs2 works intruder detector PID

Looking around, I spotted a blue and yellow chequered box sat just inside the perimeter fence.

Apparently, this is a PID or Perimeter Intrusion Detector, which picks up anyone entering the protected area. I was about ten feet away from the perimeter so this one must have been extra sensitive.

Just to be sure, I walked past it again and off it went!

I continued to Water Orton, crossing the playing field to Gypsy Lane passing the two horses / ponies (what, exactly is the difference?) in the muddy field.

At the end of Gypsy Lane, I turned right, went under the M42 then turned right again towards Gilson.

I crossed the A446 and headed for Coleshill, noticing a lot of water where the field alongside the river usually was. Today it was water everywhere !

The bridge at Cole End, better known as The Wheatsheaf, was just about sticking out of a very swollen River Cole.

I managed to get across the river and was going to skirt the river but the path I wanted as very much under water so I had no choice but to climb the hill up to The Green Man before taking Blythe Road.

There were a few puddles along this road but nothing that wasn’t passable.

As I got to and crossed the bridge over the River Blythe, even in the evening gloom, I could see that this river had also overflowed into the adjacent fields.

The rest of the walk was uneventful and I arrived at The Griffin some 6.8 miles and one hour thirty seven minutes after starting.

Today’s walks totalled eleven miles taking my annual mileage to 309.

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