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This post was going to be titled Dennis after the storm that blew through over the weekend.

The dogs didn’t have their early morning walkies this morning but were dragged out into the teeth of a gale this afternoon.

Misty was first out of the gate and we took a stroll towards Water Orton.

I chose to give the dogs a bit more freedom today and went for my walking belt and short bungee lead.

The walk to Water Orton was okay with a rather muddy stretch at the top of Attleboro Lane.

We made our way to the playing field where I let Misty off the lead for a squelchy run around before heading towards the still closed (HS2) Gypsy Lane.

At the main road we turned back towards Water Orton before heading off over the railway to see the wet goats and wet sheep.

After another spell running off-lead we crossed over the railway at The Dog before retracing our steps up Attleboro Lane and the, now even muddier path.

A month or so back, I invested in a Mud Daddy which is basically a pump-up bottle with a hose and brush. I phoned Sue as I approached home and she filled the Mud Daddy with warm water ready for our return.

We arrived home after just shy of five miles – the most Misty’s walked in one session.

Before entering the house, I hosed brushed Misty down removing all the mud. A brisk rub with a micro-fibre towel and she was as good as new and allowed into the house.

Here’s teh Mud Daddy in action …

Now, it was Gabby’s turn.

I hooked her onto my belt and we set off the same way as I had with Misty except that after Gypsy Lane we turned right towards Coleshill.

After crossing the, not as busy as it can be, A446 we walked to Coleshill Parkway noticing that a path that had been closed for the erection of a new electricty pylon was now open.

We skirted Hams Hall taking a fairly slippery, muddy path alongside the river. It was along this stretch, that Gabby found a new creature to chase after – a deer. In fact she tried, unsuccessfully to chase deer twice! After the riveside track, we strode past all the foreign lorries parked up waiting to deposit or collect loads.

After seven miles we were back at the train station and took the newly re-opened path past the huge erection.

After the detour, we made our way back in failing light much the same way as we had come finishing off with the even muddier track with less than a mile to go.

Gabby and I had managed ten miles at an average pace of 15:02 per mile – not bad at all.

After a session with the Mud Daddy, we went inside where it was my turn to get clean and dry.

I felt like I’d achieved something today having gotten fifteen miles under my belt and both dogs having been well walked – they didn’t do much else this day.

My annual mileage is just a couple of mile shy of three hundred – not bad for seven weeks.

The black line on my #walk1000miles tracker is growing !

Motor City to Second City

I noticed, recently, that there is to be a group walk by the Heart of England branch of the LDWA on May 2nd. Starting out side of Coventry railway station, the walk will follow the Eastern Green Corridor, Meriden, Hampton in Arden, Elmdon Park and a stretch of the Grand Union Canal into Brum city centre.

I could park the car at work (Digbeth), walk to New Street and catch the train to Coventry.

Towards the end of the walk, I can get off the canal in Digbeth and make my way back to the car – sorted !

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