February Update

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So what’s been happening, I hear you ask (go on, ask!!!) ?

The dogs continue to improve with each walking, almost, to heal when on their own. Together they are still a bit of a challenge, at least until they’ve worn off a bit of energy.

Last Sunday, I spotted an email in my inbox from SIEntries. This company handles online entry to many races / events and I had tried to entry A Coventry Way but was a little slow getting my request in so was placed on the waiting list.

Well, I assume enough people have dropped out and I have been asked if I want to take part.

I have done the ‘A Coventry Way’ walk a few times before and, as Sue pointed out, I usually enjoy it.

A quick check of my calendar shows me that the forty mile walk around Coventry takes place a week after the Charnwood Marathon; why not !

I went online, forked out £20 and shortly afterwards, received confirmation. I’d better get those training miles in !

On the #walk1000miles front, all is going well. Plenty of small walks with the dogs plus a few longer solo efforts have dragged my total up to 250 miles so I’m well on schedule to crack the thousand miles this year.

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