Separately, Together

Change of plan.

I got home from work but didn’t go walkies straight away as I had a couple of little tasks to do around the house.

When the other half came home from work, the dogs already had their harnesses on and Sue asked if we were coming or going.

“I thought that we’d try taking them out together?” I suggested.
“Err, Okay”, she replied.

Because of the time the girls had spent walking with me and the little time that Sue had been with them, they had become very attached to me. The last time we went out en masse, it ended up with lots of howling and barking.

I took Gabby and Sue, Misty. I let Sue and Misty go in front which resulted in Gabby howling when left behind. Both girls will walk fine on their own but both forgot how to walk properly, being distracted trying to get together.

We carried on with a walk to the local park where they got to tank around an enclosed area before being clipped back to their lead for the walk home.

Not the most elegant nor quietest but we were walking one behind the other. A definite improvement on our last outing but still plenty to do.

This morning, I managed to lie in until 05:30 when I woke the dogs instead of the other way around!

I didn’t rush to get them out of the door but just walk to the front door and managed to separate the puppies so I slipped Misty’s harness on and slipped out the door into another foggy morning.

Gabby barked a couple of times as we left. At the bottom of the road, I checked the home cameras and was relieved to see Gabby sat down by the door – silently.

Misty and I walked a little over a mile with me checking the camera every now and again. Every time, there was no noise from Gabby who was just waiting for our return.

After walk One, I swapped dogs and Gabby and I managed around two and a half miles in the gloom. Checking the cameras revealed that Misty was silently waiting for us.

After a total of 3.6 miles, we were all back home and it was time for breakfast. With everyone fed, I changed and set off for work.

All in all, a good morning with Misty walked a little and Gabby walked a bit further – and all without waking the other half – Bonus!


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