The mileage is still, slowly, creeping up. No run for a while now.

Sue ( the other half ) is still not walking Misty but, at least, sometimes will look after one hound while I take the other out. Both Dogs are suffering with Separation Anxiety and don’t like being left behind.

I have recently installed some Blink CCTV cameras (LINK) around the house so that I can monitor the pooches whilst I’m out and about (or even in a different part of the house).

Here are the puppies playing.

When I do take ONE dog out I can dial in and check on the other. Usually there’s a fair bit of whining with the occasional bark. Something I’ve got to work on.

I have been watching a few YouTube videos from a dog trainer who goes by the name of Zak George (LINK). His methods appear to work and we are seeing improvements. However it’s very difficult to train two dogs at the same time as you need to give each your undivided attention.

With Misty still growing I need to take it fairly easy whereas Gabby had gotten used to walking and/or running up to 40 miles a week. I also need to walk many miles for my own good.

THIS morning, I managed to get out for around a mile with Misty (in the mist) and a couple with Gabby before getting ready for work.

Tonight, post-work, I’m hoping to get out for around four miles with Gabby and, perhaps, a mile with young Misty.


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