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A month or so ago, my weekly mileages were slowly creeping up with Gabby accompanying me on most outings.

Getting another dog, I was expecting the mileage to shoot up but the exact opposite has occurred. The main reason is that Dog2 (Misty) is only around eight months old so I need to take it easy with her.

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‘Shit Happens’

When we got Dog2, the plan was for Wife1 to take her out and I’d continue, as before, with Dog1 (Gabby). The reality is somewhat different mainly due to life happening.

The other half is tied up (not literally) looking after a family member so is usually too busy / tired to perform her dog walking duties meaning that I often end up walking both animals.

After a fair few outings, I can just about handle two at once – at least they both move in the same direction – now!

I am trying to get into the habit of walking them together for about a mile in the morning; the same in the evening before leaving Misty at home while Gabby and I get down to some ‘proper’ training – either walking or the occasional run.

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Having a bout of D&V a couple of weeks ago hasn’t helped but I’m finally over that and we can get on with some training.

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