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Ever since rescuing Gabby from the Birmingham Dogs’ Home, we have been, half-heartedly looking for a companion.

The other day, we spotted another German Shepherd on the Birmingham Dogs’ Home website. We umm’d and ahh’d before deciding to nip up and just have a look.

On arrival, we found that the selected dog had already been reserved – we were too late!

Oh well, as we were there we had a look around to see if anything else took our fancy. There in ‘cage’ C29 was a nice looking hound but with a screen around the bottom of the cage and a warning not to get the dog excited as she may jump and injure herself.

We went to the information desk and asked about the dog and after consulting the computer, told us that she was called Misty; was a stray and was very boisterous – I think hyperactive was the word they used! They asked if we would like to meet Misty and of course we said yes!

We waited outside of her cage for a handler to appear. Whilst waiting, we called her name and her ears pricked up so at least she knew her name.

The handler appeared and we all went outside into a rather muddy field. Misty was a bit ‘active’, jumping and trying to chew her lead. After a few minutes, I was allowed to take her off around the field.

She was rather excited, running to the extent of the lead before returning and jumping up. I was soon covered in mud.

After expressing an interest in giving Misty a new forever home, we were asked about other dogs in the house. We explained that we had Gabby in the car and she was invited to come and meet Misty.

The pair, still on their leads, got on alright, sniffing and sizing each other up. Gabby was a little vocal but that’s just her way of saying “play with me!”

We agreed that another doggy date was needed and I returned with Gabby a couple of days later.

After a few minutes on lead, we let slip the dogs and they had a great time belting around the small paddock. They got on like a house on fire.

The handler said that she was happy that they’d get on well together and we made our way inside to complete the paperwork.

We’d agreed to take Misty on Thursday and as we’d recently had Gabby from the same place we didn’t have to wait for home visit. We picked up Misty and returned home. Following advise, we decided to get the dogs to meet on neutral territory namely the local park.

At the local park, there is an enclosed area for football and basketball. Luckily, no-one was using this area so we let the dogs off for a run around and some time to get acquainted.

After wearing themselves out (a bit) we walked them home where they could get further used to each other and discover their boundaries.

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