PARKrun and PUBrun

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As a work colleague has promised to do Sutton Park parkrun next week I decided to do a different parkrun this week and do Sutton next.

As I would be running with Gabby, I chose Kingsbury Water Park with it’s wide tracks.

The usual parking fee for the water park is usually £4.50 but on a Saturday morning, with a flash of a parkrun barcode, runners can park for just two quid.

We parked up and I spent ten minutes trying to do The Times crossword. At half eight, Gabby and I set off for a warm up just as the rains started.

We started with a gentle walk, which became a brisk walk then a jog before turning into a full blown run.

Suitably warmed up, we joined the multitude waiting for the start sheltering under the railway shed. After the pre-run chat, two hundred or so of us braved the rains and made our way to the start.

Gabby must have known that something was happening because as nine o’clock came around, she started whining and literally, straining at the leash.

After last week’s performance we started mid-field and soon after starting we were overtaking runners. A shout of “Dog coming through on the left!” usually did the trick as we moved on up the field.

Glancing at my watch, I noticed that I’d forgotten to start it so, belatedly, clicked the start button.

I wouldn’t get a proper record of our entire run but at least I’d get some indication of the pace that we were running at.

We splashed our way around the course, picking off a few more runners before settling into a steady pace with Gabby pulling all the way.

Twenty six minutes and twenty one seconds after starting we squelched over the finish line. We were both covered in mud.

We had a bit of a walk around, as a cool down, before making our way back to the car.

We made our way home where we showered (not together!) before the official SMS arrived …

Not a bad time- two minutes quicker than last week’s run in Sutton Park.

The following day, Sunday, I arranged for the other half to drive to The Griffin and Gabby and I would walk / run there and take the car back.

We took the ‘usual’ route via Water Orton, Coleshill Parkway and Whitacre. Similar to last time we did this, Gabby pulled on and off until the last couple of miles where she pulled all the way.

We covered the seven and a bit miles at an average pace of 13:52 a mile.

On arrival we found a nice quiet corner. It was quiet but I think that Gabby must have had her fan club in because loads of people came over to fuss her. Many gave her a tummy tickle even though her tummy was quite muddy.

She behaved well, perhaps she was tired after the run?

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