Batteries and Boozer

Wednesday was to have been a longish walk to Hams Hall and back which would have included a fair few unlit tracks. With this in mind, I put freshly recharged batteries into my head torch. As I inserted the final battery, the torch gave one short flash to indicate that the batteries had been put in correctly.

However, as we approached the first unlit section, I put the torch on my head, pressed the on button and … nothing happened. Well, actually, there was a brief flash then nowt. I had a duff battery.

A change of plan was required and I decided to keep to well illuminated roads. We ended up zigging and zagging around Water Orton before heading up the hill to Park Hall and then home for dinner.

Five miles tonight to add to a couple done before work in the morning.

We did a slow-ish couple of miles, locally, in the morning with me trying to get Gabby to walk better to heel.

After work, I asked the other half if she would entertain picking Gabby and I up from our fave watering hole if we made our own way there. Somewhat surprisingly, she agreed.

We warmed up with a walk for the first half mile before breaking into a jog as we headed for the motorway bridges. With some trepidation, after yesterday’s battery fiasco, I pushed the button and a pool of light appeared in front of us to light our way.

As on Tuesday, Gabby was not pulling but was happy to jog along on a loose lead either in front or, on occasions, alongside. We ran and walked our way through Water Orton and on to Coleshill.

Through the outskirts of Coleshill and onto Hams Hall we trotted. On reaching Whitacre, we walked along the main road before hitting the fields at Hogrill End Lane.

I let Gabby run free in the big field as I negotiated the root strewn path through Colin Teall Wood. Most of the time I couldn’t see her but when I either called “Come” or whistled, I could just see her green eyes and the reflective strips on her harness bounding towards me.

As we left the wood and onto a narrow track alongside the railway, I put Gabby back on the lead and gee-ed her up. She shot off and ran perfectly, gently pulling me along.

For the next mile or so, we ran steadily without stopping as can be seen on the graph above. The higher sections are running, the lower walking and the dips down are rests either for sniffing, drinking, weeing or pooping (most of these were the dog!)

Once we reached the road again and with not long to go, we slowed to a walk. With a couple of hundred metres to go, we were passed by the other half driving past with a short parp of the horn.

Soon after we were all reunited in teh pub’s car park. I changed my top, gave Gabby another drink before venturing inside to get the humans drinks.

The last few times that we have taken Gabby into the boozer she has been less than perfectly behaved but tonight she was great. That earned her a bag of scratchings.

That was our longest run/walk session with the majority of the distance covered running. Our average pace was 12:28 minutes per mile.

Tomorrow will be a rest (or at least a take it easy) day ahead of Saturday morning’s parkrun.


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