Rest and the Rest

Following a busy weekend of parkrun and a long walk we forced ourselves to a rest day on Monday.

On Tuesday, I woke at five and felt as though I couldn’t go back to the land of nod so got dressed and prepared Gabby for an early morning walk.

The first half mile was along a well lit path before crossing over the motorway and into the gloom. Luckily, I had my head torch so on that went until we reached the bright lights of Water Orton.

Mile one was reached on Attleborough Lane and mile two at teh end of Gypsy Lane. We crossed the busy (even at this time of the morning) A446. A short walk over a railway footbridge and past what’s left of the houses demolished to make way for the HS2.

We recrossed the main road then followed a track leading to a crossing over the railway then back to Gypsy Lane. From here it was only a couple of miles back home for breakfast before getting ready for work.

Five miles done and it’s not even seven o’clock.

After work, I had planned on a doggy run around Kingsbury Waterpark so as soon as I got in from work, it was a quick change into shorts and we were soon in the car heading towards Kingsbury.

We parked up just outside of the park. It was already dark so it was on with the head torch as we set off for a warm up walk.

A few minutes later we started the run but Gabby was not really pulling. We ran for about a mile and a half with a loose lead before slowing to a walk, cooling down on the return to the car.

I’m not sure why she wasn’t pulling in the harness properly – maybe she didn’t like running in the dark?

Next run will be Thursday – again in the dark (as lots of walks / runs will be for the next few months).

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