Bodymoor Heath

On the first day after the clocks go back, it was nice and light when my mixed up body clock awoke me around half six (or was it half seven?)

We jumped in the car then realised that the windscreen needed scraping (winter draws on). After a few minutes with the scraper we were on our way.

As we did a couple of weeks ago, we parked up by the hump-backed bridge at Bodymoor Heath and headed for the canal.

Once on the canal, we strode on past the last of the Curdworth locks including Kingsbury Swing Bridge.

The swing bridge is open but looks quite dilapidated and I’m not sure that it would close if needed.

We continued towards Tamworth with Gabby finding a couple of ‘friends’ to run with for a while.

We continued for about a mile and a half until the bridge over to the Middleton lakes car park where we left the canal and backtracked through the bird sancuary.

After a while we were back on the canal for a few hundred metres before branching off into Kingsbury Waterpark.

With the sun rising over the lakes, it was time for some atmospheric photos.

I had planned to go under the M42 and around the main section of the waterpark but the path we needed was still under water following the recent rains.

Instead, we took an indirect route back to the swing bridge before heading back to the car taking in a short extension to the Dog and Doublet pub (or as it’s signed “Dog n obl” – some of the letters have fallen off).

All in all, we covered five and a half miles on a beautifully crisp autumnal morning.

In the evening, Gabby was getting a little restless, so we ventured out for a local walk of four and a half miles bringing our weekly total to 40.7 miles.

TueRun 2M
WedWalk 8M
ThuRun 2M
SatParkrun – Sutton or Kingsbury
SunWalk 8M


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