Night Manoeuvres

I finished work at the usual time and drove straight home. A quick change and I was at the front door putting Gabby into her harness. I grabbed my walking belt, popped in the water bottle and checked for poo bags. Lead taken and off to the car.

Just before a quarter past five, I was locking the car and setting off for a walk around Sutton Park.

We had started at Boldmere and took an anti-clockwise route, firstly towards Town Gate then off towards Keepers Pool. Once off the beaten track, I let Gabby run loose and run she did. She was like a mad thing, zooming off before coming back when I called.

The route would be eight miles and I was afraid that she might peak too early so after a couple of miles I put her back on the lead.

We crossed the railway and headed towards Bracebridge Pool with it’s restaurant which looked very inviting with it’s light blazing through the dwindling light.

After Four Oaks it was on with the head torch before crossing back across the railway and on to the golf course.

I wasn’t too sure whether Gabby would come back in the dark so kept her on the lead all the way back to the car.

Two and a quarter hours after starting, we arrived back at the car having covered eight miles. With the couple of miles we’d done in the morning our daily total had shot up to ten – the most Gabby’s done in a day. Well done.

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