Coleshill and the Bridge of Doom

We had an easy day, yesterday, the other half, Gabby and I with a gentle stroll around Coleshill. It was after dark so Gabby was bedecked with a flashing light whilst the humans had torches.

This evening, it was just Gabby and me. We drove out to Coleshill and with her new(ish) running harness we set off towards Maxstoke Golf Course.

We walked through the churchyard with Gabby being encouraged to pull in the harness. Once into the fields we sped up to a jog and trotted down through a muddy field towards the river.

A short path led us to the Bridge of Doom. A bridge over the River Blythe that used to scare the Bejasus out of Gabby. As we ran towards the bridge, tonight, she slowed a little but with a call of “Go on!” she carried on running. Good Girl.

After a mile, we walked a bit before trotting back towards the car speeding over the bridge. We spent a few minutes walking, practicing some commands then, when cooled down, jumped in the car and went home for dinner.

As you can see on the graph (above) we ran quite a bit with the cool down obvious at the end.

I found the running a lot easier and Gabby just loves it.


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