Gentle Jog

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After work, I collected Gabby, put her new harness on (on Gabby – not me!) and we jumped into the car.

The new harness (Howling Dog Tough Skin) is designed for running. I thought that we could take a gentle stroll with Gabby pulling in harness. To ring the changes I decided to head out to Bodymoor Heath for a walk along the canal and through the waterpark.

We parked by the hump backed bridge and made our way to the canal. Half a mile along the cut, just past a sinking boat, we turned right and broke into a gentle jog.

Nothing too fast, just enough so that Gabby was pulling into the harness. We continued through the waterpark going from gentle jog to brisk walk. Gabby was loving it.

After a bit of a loop through the park, we had returned to the canal for a slow stroll back to the car.

Cooled down, we drove home for dinner.

Although Gabby is still in recovery, we took it very easy. The new harness worked great as long as she was in front and pulling. Alongside me, the harness went a bit floppy but it was designed for running not walking to heel.

Another good workout. Thanks Gabbs.

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