Op and Post Op

When you re-home a dog from the Birmingham Dogs’ Home, as we did, the animal is usually spayed or neutered. As Gabby was so underweight when we took her home, we had to agree to bring her back for spaying once she’d put on a bit of weight.

About a month after bringing Gabby home, her weight had crept up from 17kg to around 23kg so arrangements were made for her operation.

On Thursday morning, we took Gabby to the Dogs’ home at Catherine-de-Barnes. We left her around half eight and were told to come back around four.

Four o’clock came around and we were back at the Dogs’ home. We had arrived a little early so took the time to look at the other dogs looking for a new home.

There was a fine looking animal there, an Akita cross. Bruce looked great and then he howled – like a wolf.

“They do that”, my other half explained.

We walked away !

Shortly after, a handler brought Gabby back to us. I was expecting her to be quite subdued but she was full of beans and glad to see us.

We had a bit of a briefing on what we needed to do to look after Gabby as she recovered form her not insubstantial operation. We were given some pain relief and a Buster collar to keep her from attacking her incision. I made an appointment to bring her back in a few day’s time for a check up.

We took her home and encouraged her to take it easy.

The opening had been neatly closed with no stitches on show and once the fur grows back, nothing should show.

We didn’t try the collar and she showed no interest in attacking her wound but when bed-time approached and we couldn’t watch her, we decided to try the collar.

She was having none of it !
We decided to chance it without. She was fine.

The following morning, she was a little less bouncy than usual but was happy to go for a short walk (only about half a mile) – nice and easy.

Saturday, she was a lot more her normal self so we did a longer walk. She seemed fine on the walk but was a little sick as we neared home. Back in the house, she was very lethargic and turned down her food. We just left her to rest – I think that we tried a bit too much, too soon.

The other half went to bed and I stayed up just to keep an eye on the patient.

After a few hours rest she picked up and made her way upstairs. As a special treat we let her onto the bed to show the other half that she okay.

Sunday was another easy day and I even had to go for a walk on my own. I did about seven and a half miles from my Mom’s to The Griffin. I felt a little odd not having the pooch by my side.

Monday, after a mile and a bit in the morning, I went into work for a few hours before nipping out to grab Gabby for her post op examination.

Her incision was healing nicely and after a check-up Gabby was discharged. We just need to take it easy then build up back up very gradually. Walkies only – no running for a while.


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