Four Good Legs

We went for a short (half a mile) walk in the morning and Gabby seemed to be walking alright.

Arriving back from work, in the evening, we got roped up and nipped out for a stroll, nice and easy, to see how Gabby was walking.

She was walking fine – no sign of a limp.

After a bit of a warm up we tried a little jog – just a few steps. Still fine.

We tried a few more short trots before trying a longer spell – still only a few minutes – I’m getting back into running. Still fine.

We continued around our Water Orton circuit continuing with the walk / run theme, with run spells of about a minute or so.

Approaching the motorway at around two miles, we started running and as we neared a small path on the left, I called out, “Left!”. Gabby spotted the track and turned left – “Good Girl!”. This running spell lasted for a good four minutes along a twisty, muddy track. This is what it’s all about.

We walked the final half mile as a cool down.

No limping (from either of us) and a good feeling – thanks Gab!


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