Running / Splashing

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After surviving a canicross session with Gabby on Monday, I decided to repeat the exercise, today.

Arriving home, after work, I quickly changed, grabbed running belt, put Gabby’s harness on, grabbed the bungee lead and headed out of the door.

We drove the few miles to Kingsbury and parked up.

We started gently with some walking and a bit of free running (off lead) for Gabby. This also gave Gabby time to perform her toilet functions before the workout.

Again, we adopted a walk / run model as can be seen on the graph of cadence (footsteps per minute) below ..

Gabby pulled well and dragged me along going, perhaps, a little faster than I would on my own.

In total, we covered around four miles through a still somewhat flooded Water Park. The depth of the puddles dictating which route to choose.

After all that exercise, you’d expect the dog to be tired but when we got home she was bouncing around.

I did read, somewhere, that dogs make more endorphins than humans so maybe she was just experiencing a runners’ high ?

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