I have discovered a few things over the past day or so.

There is an actual sport of running with a dog. Not just trotting around the park with man’s best friend jogging alongside, but full-on dog pulling one along.

To enable the human to run unencumbered, the lead is attached to a belt and the other end to a harness on the dog. The dog runs in front and pulls his owner along.

This arrangement was devised as a way to exercise sled dogs when there was no snow on the ground but has taken off in it’s own right especially in Europe.

On Monday night, in the pouring rain, I took Gabby to Kingsbury and parked on the edge of the water park. I put on my newly acquired running belt and attached myself to Gabby’s harness with a stretchy lead.

The intention was to walk around the park to get us, both, used to the gear.

After a bit of a warm up walk, and already soaked as we splashed through yet another puddle, I told Gabby to “Go On” and started jogging to keep up with her.

She pulled away, taking up the slack in the bungee line and we strode along splashing our way through a somewhat flooded water park (there’s a clue in the name, there!).

I have not run for a while but this felt great. Gabby was really enjoying it.

We walked and ran, clocking up around three miles, before returning to the car, soaked through. We’d both had a great workout.

When I logged our adventure on Endomondo I scrolled down the list of available sports to change from the default WALK, looking for RUN.

What I did find was an entry for Canicross, with an icon showing man and dog.


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