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Batteries and Boozer

Wednesday was to have been a longish walk to Hams Hall and back which would have included a fair few…

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Rest and the Rest

Following a busy weekend of parkrun and a long walk we forced ourselves to a rest day on Monday. On…

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Bodymoor Heath

On the first day after the clocks go back, it was nice and light when my mixed up body clock…

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Park RUN

Thursday evening, Gabby and I drove over to Coleshill and had a bit of a run along muddy tracks to…

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Night Manoeuvres

I finished work at the usual time and drove straight home. A quick change and I was at the front…

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Coming to a walker near you …

Looking at the upcoming section of this blog, last week, I thought that it was looking a bit sparse so…

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Coleshill and the Bridge of Doom

We had an easy day, yesterday, the other half, Gabby and I with a gentle stroll around Coleshill. It was…

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Gentle Jog

After work, I collected Gabby, put her new harness on (on Gabby – not me!) and we jumped into the…

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Op and Post Op

When you re-home a dog from the Birmingham Dogs’ Home, as we did, the animal is usually spayed or neutered….

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Four Good Legs

We went for a short (half a mile) walk in the morning and Gabby seemed to be walking alright. Arriving…