Gabby’s Op

As part of the package, when taking a dog from the Birmingham Dogs’ Home, they will ensure that your new companion has been neutered. Because of Gabby’s low weight, we were given a complete dog but were told to return when she’d put a bit of weight on.

Image result for dog scales

When we first had Gabby, she weighted in at 17kg. She has gained around a kilo a week and when she hit 23kg, I called up the Dogs’ Home and booked Gabby in for her op.

She is going in on 10th October. We should be able to collect her the same evening but then have about a fortnight of making sure the incision stays clean and the stitches stay in.

This will involve Gabby having to wear the “Cone of Shame” or ‘Lampshade” to stop her licking or picking.

Just like anyone recovering from an operation, we will have to cut right back on the walks then build up again. We will also have to keep out of the mud and long grass for a while.

Anyway, two weeks post-op will put us on 24th October so I can look for some doggy events from November onwards.


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