Doggy Update

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It’s been a month since we became dog owners again.

We re-homed Gabby from the Birmingham Dogs’ Home on Saturday 24th August. Gabby was found wandering the streets and was very underweight – she was just 17kg.

After work, Gabby and I can be found clocking up anything from two to seven miles.

Over the past month, Gabby and I have covered over a hundred miles which is comprised of two walks a day.

On work days, I’m up around 05:30 to take Gabby for anything from one to three miles before breakfast (for both of us). At weekends, I can get a lie-in until half seven.

Morning walks tend to be local but in the evenings / weekends we’ll venture a bit further afield with a short car ride.

We have explored a number of trails around Coleshill, Kingsbury and Middleton.

The weekly mileage is slowly creeping up and I am looking for a dog-friendly event of up to ten miles that we can take part in.

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