Gabby Gets Wet

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After work, we (Gabby and I) jumped in the car and drove to Sutton Park.

Sutton Park is a 2,400 acre National Nature Reserve located 6 miles north of the city centre. … Sutton Park has been designated as a National Nature Reserve, a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

About a mile into the walk, we came across a ford and with no-one about, I released Gabby from her lead and told her to “Go on” and motioned to the water.

Without hesitation, she ran into the water, running around.

She went across the ford, up and down stream and came back when called. She is very good coming to the call of “Gabby, Come!” – as long as there aren’t too many distractions.

We continued around the park which was thinly populated and allowed Gabby to run free off-lead.

Sutton Park has a variety of terrain so during out circuit of the park we encountered tarmac, dirt track, woodland, moorland and open fields.

There are also a number of lakes or pools as they are known.

At one of the more remote pools, Bracebridge Pool, we walked to the edge and I threw a stick into the water.

Like a flash, Gabby charged after it. The water soon became deeper than Gabby is tall but she paddled her way back.

She gave the obligatory shake (thanks for that!) before carrying on as if nothing had happened.

We’ll have to go ‘swimming’ again – she seemed to enjoy it.

We continued our stroll around the park, covering 7.14 miles in a few seconds over two hours.

An average pace of 16:55 per mile was not bad and considering breaks for sniffing trees, wee-ing, poo-ing, swimming etc.

Seven and a tad miles is the furthest we have walked together and Gabby was still full of beans when we got home.

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