Dogs’ Home

I was sat in a meeting at work when the phone rang. Glancing down at the screen, I noticed that it was my other half.

I answered the call and was greeted by the news that she was at Birmingham Dogs’ Home. “I’ve found us a dog”, she explained. “Have you?” It was news to me that we were looking.

“They won’t start the adoption stuff until they’ve seen you”, she explained, “When can you get here?”. “I’ll get back to you”.

I explained what had happened to my boss who, somewhat to my surprise, said, “Go!” I did.

I arrived at the Dogs’ Home and was directed to C15 to meet, “Gabby – her name’s Gabby”, I was told.

After meeting Gabby properly, outside in a field, I reluctantly agreed that she was for us.

We signed the paperwork, paid a deposit and departed to get the house and garden dog-ready.

A few days later, someone from the Birmingham Dogs’ Home called and after asking a few questions about ‘our’ other pets declared that I could go and collect Gabby anytime after eleven.

I arrived a little before eleven but had to wait for the home to open – How keen was that ?

Half an hour later, Gabby was lifted into the back of the car (she wasn’t too keen on jumping in) and we were on our way home.

My other half works at the local pet shop, so I took Gabby out for her first walk – to the pet shop. Gabby came home with a lovely bright green collar and lead so that was soon exchanged for something a little less gaudy. Gabby was a big hit in the shop.

In the evening, we took our new doggy to the local reservoir where she walked fairly okay. In a bid to get her used to other people and dogs, we took her to our local, The Griffin, where, again, she was a big hit.


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