One day to go.

Trying to get my body ready for the stupid o’clock start tomorrow, I’ve been shifting my sleep forward a bit each day this week. Last night I was in bed just after eight and awoke to my alarm at 02:15 – Yes, 02:15!

Hopefully, I’ll be in bed somewhere around five, this afternoon to wake, refreshed just before midnight. I’ll grab my stuff and drive down to Newtown to catch the bus at 03:00 to the start.

At four o’clock this morning it was light enough to walk (I didn’t, but I could have) so I may not need the head-torch tomorrow – I’ll just pack a small one.

Just before I put pen to paper (or typed on my keyboard) I watched this video from the organisers of tomorrow’s walk. The .gpx he mentions, I’ve already downloaded and stuck on my Garmin GPS as well as my Garmin watch. With that and all the signs, I shouldn’t get lost (famous last words) !

I is now 05:30 so I’ll grab a bit of breakfast and make my way to work – nice and early. With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to get away mid-afternoon.


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