Straining at the Leash ?

As the Rotary Across Wales Walk starts at 4am tomorrow, I have been shifting my sleep window a bit each day this week with the aim of getting home from work, going to bed for a few hours and awaking around 11pm.

All went well as far as … get home from work and go to bed for a few hours. I tried but only managed a couple of hours proper sleep and a lot of time trying to sleep.

Eventually, at around 9, I gave up and got up.

Getting up at 2:15 this morning and only a bit of sleep means that I could well be tired tomorrow! We’ll just have to see how it pans out.

It’s now 11pm. I have my walking gear on, including a fleece top as the forecast is for a low of around 7 degrees. It will warm up through the day reaching a high of 19 – and sunny.

My pack is packed with not a lot really – first aid kit, toilet roll, gels, GPS and spare batteries, sun cream, ipod and ear phones, water bottle, wallet and route description.

I have my route card in my trouser pocket ready to get a nice collection of stamps.

In about half an hour, I shall put my self and my gear into the car and take a gentle drive to Newtown in Powys ready to catch the bus at 03:00 to the start in Gelligoch near Machynleth.


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