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Firstly, an apology. I haven’t posted anything on here for a few weeks. Why, I hear you ask ?

Mainly, I haven’t been walking much as I’ve been concentrating on re-creating our Home Cinema. It took two weeks to decorate, build and configure but we now have a little bolt hole in which to relax and watch a film.

I had a number of items delivered to work so had to use the car most days so that I could bring the bits home or I had to take a trip up the M6 to a well known Swedish furniture store.

Most of the work has been done so I can get back into the walking.

I have managed a few walks which I’ll summarise, below …


Mid-way through May, my Mother was taken into Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield. One day, after work, I walked to Sutton, mainly along the A5127 through Erdington. Not the most scenic but I managed to clock up seven and a bit miles.


The Other Half and I had planned on a few days away to celebrate her birthday. We had to delay / curtail our departure having to look after Mother until she was well enough to be left alone. Our four day break turned into one night in Monmouth.

On the plus side, we managed a train ride on the way and I managed an eight mile walk along the banks of the River Wye.

I started from our B&B, just outside of Monmouth, and followed the southern bank of the river for around four miles before crossing to the opposite bank over a bouncy suspension foot bridge. I had also crossed the border back into England.

I returned along the north bank, staying in England for a mile and a half before crossing back into Wales, back into England and finally returning to Wales all the way back to Monmouth. A pleasant eight miler.


Obviously, I managed to walk to The Griffin a few times, observing the bluebells and getting caught in a shower or two.

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