Coleshill & Gilson

Not feeling on top of the world so a nice easy stroll was the order of the day.

A steady walk towards Chelmsley Wood was taken before ducking under the Collector Road via an underpass.

From the tunnel a short path brought me to the side of the River Cole which I crossed via stepping stones.

The path was followed to another underpass, this time under the M6 motorway.

The next road crossings were over the M42 and the M6 Toll and on to Coleshill, crossing the A446 at the same level (no bridges or underpasses).

The poplar lined A446, Coleshill Bypass, was built in the 1930s and is what was described as an arterial road. The original road, now the Coventry Road, High Street and Lichfield Road, forms the backbone of the town.

Although there is a proper pavement along the bypass, I chose the dirt path running parallel amongst the trees, spotting a few early clumps of bluebells.

After negotiating the roundabout with the B4114, I continued along the bypass before crossing over to a public footpath.

About a month ago, I walked this way and noticed that the foot bridge was blocked but I managed to climb over.

I crossed a couple of fields following a barely perceivable path which hinted at little use.

When I got to the dodgy bridge, I noticed that the barriers had been pulled aside and the way was clear.

I gingerly crossed the bridge being aware of a noticeable side to side wobble.

Luckily the bridge did not collapse into the river below with me being swept away into oblivion.

I carried on through Gilson to Water Orton but noticing that I had made good time decided to go the long way around. I crossed the railway on the outskirts of Water Orton following a track past Motorcycle World back to the banks of the Cole.

I followed the Cole back to Water Orton, before crossing the railway just a little way from the station. A short walk up Attleboro Lane and across couple of motorways and I was back home.


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