With a long walk tomorrow, today’s walking would have to be a short. Being a Saturday, part of that would be a parkrun, in this case, Sutton Park.

I had a bit of a lie in leaving home around eight and rolling up at Banners Gate car park around 08:20.

I decided on a mile warm up before the nine o’clock start. Returning from my warm up, I was quizzed by some of the volunteers as to how many miles I’d done. As I usually do my long weekly walk before parkrun, I normally answer with something like “Fifteen miles!” Today I had to explain that I was saving myself for tomorrow.

I managed to hold myself back during the walk around Sutton Park completing the course in 42:03 instead of last weeks 37:03.

I should have taken it easy for the rest of the day but I spent the next few hours moving furniture as my son moved home.


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