Church End

With Sunday’s A Coventry Way looming, I’ve reshuffled by schedule for the rest of the week. I’ve moved my longish mid-week walk to today and have arranged with the other half to meet me at The Griffin at seven.

After work, I caught the 97 bus to Chelmsley Wood and started my walk from there.

After walking around the houses a bit, came to a sign for a subway. In this case it was under the M6.

Exiting the tunnel, I was out in the countryside and followed the path from the M6 to a bridge over the M42 and then the M6 Toll.

Shortly afterwards, I was crossing the Coleshill bypass and heading for the centre of Coleshill.

From Coleshill, I followed a path over the River Blythe towards Maxstoke Golf Course.

A public footpath cuts across the golf course and walkers are left in little doubt as to where the path goes.

After the golf course, a road was taken to Dumble Farm then paths led me across a number of fields, some without a distinctive line on the ground.

On reaching Moat House Farm Lane I turned right and followed said road to Shawbury Lane.

I turned left heading towards The Griffin at Church End.

As I was strolling along the road, a car approached and started pipping on the horn. I stood aside as the gaffer of The Griffin drove past, with a wave, in his Land Rover.

Being a little early, I detoured to St. Cuthberts (the church at Church End) then picked a couple of paths which finally deposited me in The Griffin’s car park.

After a quick tidy up, I entered the pub and awaited my other half.


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