Just Nipping Down the Pub

The second part of my weekend’s training was a twelve mile walk. Being away last night and having to drive home it was late afternoon before I could start.

I started, as usual, with a stroll across the motorways to Water Orton. Instead of heading straight for Coleshill, I decided to make a bit of a diversion by crossing the railway linethen follow the path alongside the river.

The railway was crossed and I made my way under the A446 to the River Tame. The sun was shining, it wasn’t too cold and all was well with the world.

Until …

… that bloody HS2.

There was wire and Heras fencing everywhere. I couldn’t get past so had to backtrack to the A446.

I recalled seeing something a couple of weeks ago about diverting some overhead electricity cables and pylons in this area so maybe that’s what it’s all about ?

Checking on the HS2 sites (LINK) my fears were confirmed but even more worrying is the fact that the actual trackbed will pass over this area. I’ll never be able to walk this stretch of the river again !

There is also a row of around eight houses which have been abandoned / compulsorily puchased and are now behind the fence prior to demolition.

Muttering under my breath, I was finally heading towards Coleshill Parkway, passing a distribution centre which was also a victim of the HS2 having the end of the building lopped off to make way for the train.

I crossed over the train line (again) at Coleshill Parkway just as the 17:00 for Birmingham was pulling out.

Following familiar paths I came to a group of houses at a place that I can’t find a name for !

Looking at maps from 1885 to the present day, none give this settlement a name. There was once a railway station (two actually) called Whitacre and Whitacre Junction. Even the local shop has an identity problem – it’s called Station Stores. I’ll call this place Whitacre (until I’m told different).

From ‘Whitacre’ I made my way along Station Road to a sign pointing towards Hogrills End.

I’m not sure what a Hogrill is let alone his end !

I walked towards the Hogrills End for a short while before branching off, across fields towards The Dingle, passing a field of Alpacas and a picture postcard cottage.

I continued up and down the lanes finally walking across a field housing a few old railway wagons before crossing the railway (yet again).

I had arranged to meet my other half at The Griffin at the conclusion of my walk and was a little ahead of time so took a minor diversion, past another pretty cottage before cutting back to the boozer.

My timing was spot on because as I approached the pub, I heard a parp on a car horn, turned around and saw the wife turning into the car park.

Overall, my mileage was a little short at 10.3 miles but the weekly total amounted to fifty two which was a couple of miles over my projected mileage.


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