100 Laps

Following on from last weekend’s marathon and pondering on the fact that my average pace was around 14:50 on undulating terrain, I wondered how far / fast I could go.

Over a short distance, such as the weekly parkrun, I can manage sub 12 minute miles – but that’s only for 3.1 miles.

I mentioned to my other half, yesterday, that I’d quite fancy having a go at a road race.

“Do you have to do the funny walk?” she inquired.
“Not necessarily, they do events that don’t strictly enforce the straight leg rule!”
And that was it. Or was it?

Having a mooch around the interweb, I came upon a list of race walking events. As I thought, events are split into two groups – Category A (with the funny walk) and Category B (sans silly walk).

Towards the bottom of the list, I spied the Isle of Man 100 mile race.

This race is category B and takes place around a traffic free loop of Castletown. The loop is only one mile so only one hundred laps !

I phoned my other half.
“Fancy a week on the Isle of Man?” I asked.
“Any particular reason?” she asked with an air of suspicion.
“So you can watch me walk 100 laps of the town!”
Surprisingly, she answered, “Yes, Okay!”

We’ve decided to make a week of it as we’ve always wanted to visit the island and there are steam trains!

I went back to the website and clicked on Entries are now open:HERE !


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