Leg Stretch

Following on from yesterday’s Charnwood Marathon, I awoke with stiff legs but after a bit of walking around, this eased.

I had an easy day, writing up my blog and generally doing not a great deal.

By the afternoon, I felt refreshed enough to venture out for a walk. Being a Sunday afternoon, there was only one place where I could walk to.

I, initially, headed to Water Orton passing what will be the new site of the HS2 evected Old Saltleians rugby club. I’m not sure if the works going on here are for the club or more HS2 stuff.

Leaving Water Orton, I passed the temporary HS2 compound and noticed a row of electricity pylons that are going to have to be moved to make way for train. More path / road diversions no doubt?

I did find an HS2 site that lists the forthcoming closures (LINK).

Once past the HS2 stuff, I continued to Coleshill Parkway and then to a path running alongside the River Tame bypassing the nearby Hams Hall Distribution Park.

Crossing a disused railway line I then crossed the Tame shortly followed by the Blythe just a few yards from where it joins the Tame.

At the end of the road I had to cross a sometimes boggy field which luckily was dry today. Emerging from the other side of the field, I walked along Station Road turning off at Hogrills End where a path led off through a small wood.

After my short woodland walk, a short stretch along the railway led me to a bridge over said railway then continued along the other side.

After about a mile beside the railway, during which time I saw one train, I decided to cut in towards Shustoke reservoir, go around the fishing pool then continue back towards the railway.

As has been the case far too many times lately, my way was barred by fences. To be fair this may be nothing to do with HS2.

To get around the roadworks, I climbed up the bank to the reservoir and was rewarded with the makings of a sunset over the water.

I couldn’t get to the fishing pool so cut across a field to regain my intended route. Within a quarter of an hour, I was sat in The Griffin with pint, cheese cob and a bag of crisps awaiting my other half to arrive and drive me home – she’s a good ‘un.


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