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Anticipating getting the car back from the garage today, I took a couple of buses to work getting dropped off outside the building.

On Saturday, I will be taking part in the Charnwood Marathon . A while ago, in a past job, my gaffer, who has run umpteen marathons, recommended this to me as a must do.

During a quiet spell at work, I checked on the website and found a .gpx file from someone who did the walk a few years back. I just hope that the course hasn’t changed much!

Just to be sure, I started reading through the route description, trying to follow it on the map. All seemed fine until I got to Bardon Hill where I noticed “…route deviation as last year…”. Carefully reading the instructions I altered the .gpx file. A little further on, at Bradgate, the route again had to be tweaked.

The amended route was saved and uploaded to my Garmin ready for Saturday. I hope that I’ve got it right.

Generally, I don’t read the route description but rely on a track on either a dedicated GPS device or my snazzy Fenix 5 watch. Like most blokes, the instructions are never followed until something goes wrong!

The walkers will set off at 08:00 on Saturday (with runners departing at nine) so I’ll need to leave home around 06:00. So, as usual, it’ll be an early night Friday.

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