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After being fobbed off by Vauxhall, who have still not fixed the car, I chose to walk around four miles after work then catch the bus home.

I decided to fill in a few more gaps on my Walk Brum map. The nearest bit of Birmingham to be explored was Saltley. I zigged and zagged up and down a number of scruffy streets passing a house where I’d lived around fifty years ago – 26 Berry Road.

After walking to the end of a short cul-de-sac, turning around and walking back, I was asked by some lads, sitting on a fence, if I were lost. I explained that I was walking all the roads in Birmingham and when I told them that there are about fifteen hundred miles of roads withing the Birmingham boundary, were quite amazed.

In the end, I’d walked just under five miles and added some red lines to the map.

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