Half Way There

It was a miserable, wet, afternoon as I stepped out of the car in the car park of Solihull Hospital. My other Half was taking my Mother for a check up (on a Sunday? Yes!) so I went along for the ride.

I made my way North, crossing under the Solihull Bypass and finding the Grand Union Canal at Monkspath.

The increasingly muddy tow path was squelched as far as Lode Lane where I said goodbye to the cut and made my way past the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) works.

After JLR, I meant to turn right and follow the perimeter of the works to Elmdon Park.

However, as is becoming increasingly common, the footpath was closed. No worries – I’ll just take the next road and I’ll be able to regain the footpath.

Unfortunately, the next road was a cul-de-sac and eight minutes later I was back where I’d started.

I continued, going in the general direction of the Coventry Road. A little way down Old Lode Lane, I spied a “Footpath Diversion” sign.

I followed the diversion and shortly was able to get back onto the proper path.

I crossed Elmdon Park to the Coventry Road which was crossed and I entered Sheldon Country Park.

A fairly new, wide, path wound it’s way through the park to the edge of Birmingham International Airport.

I saw a number of aircraft arrive (some sideways due to the high winds) as I walked past the end of the runway en-route to Marston Green.

I continued along the brook known variously as Hatchford Brook or Kingshurst Brook to where it emptied into the River Cole in Meriden Park, Chelmsley Wood.

Shortly after leaving the waterways, my watched bleeped to alert me to the fact that I had covered another mile. For today’s walk, I had covered nine miles. Added to the annual total of 491, as of yesterday, a bit of maths produced the new, I hate using the term, running total of FIVE HUNDRED MILES (Cue The Proclaimers!).

FIVE hundred

That’s FIVE HUNDRED MILES in just over two months.

At the beginning of the year, I’d set myself a goal of walking one thousand miles in the year – I’m well on the way !

I walked another mile to end the day on 501.

The coming week should see me walk fifty seven miles with a fifteen miler on Wednesday. I’m away in North Wales at the weekend so will need to shuffle my walks around. I’m going to do the Pwllheli parkrun on Saturday (it’s all along the beach) plus another seven. The big walk (twenty miles) will be Sunday, after returning home, so will most likely have to be in the evening.


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