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Just Nipping Down the Pub

The second part of my weekend’s training was a twelve mile walk. Being away last night and having to drive…

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Who was that woman?

It was a cool misty morning as I pulled into the Banners Gate car park. Unusually late for me on…

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100 Laps

Following on from last weekend’s marathon and pondering on the fact that my average pace was around 14:50 on undulating…

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Leg Stretch

Following on from yesterday’s Charnwood Marathon, I awoke with stiff legs but after a bit of walking around, this eased….

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Charnwood Marathon

It was an early start, but not as early as a lot of Saturdays lately, for a quiet drive to…

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And it came to pass, that on the third day, Vauxhall said onto the man, “Your car is ready for…

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Around the Houses

After being fobbed off by Vauxhall, who have still not fixed the car, I chose to walk around four miles…

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Anticipating getting the car back from the garage today, I took a couple of buses to work getting dropped off…

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The day started well with me dropping the other half’s car off at the garage and walking into work. Nothing…

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I was going to treat myself to a rare lie-in this morning but having gotten out of bed to answer…