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One of those “Not a lot happened, just the usual walking stuff!” sort of day.

Got off a couple of stops later to make the walk to work just one mile.

Why did I only walk one mile? I’ll tell ya!

Today should have been an easy four miles, however, I had to get to Kingshurst after work so decided to walk the nine miles.

I left work around half four and proceeded to the canal which I followed for a couple of miles to the Ackers Trust.

I left the canal and headed toward the Coventry Road (A45) at Hay Mills then continued alongside the River Cole to Stetchford.

As I was approaching Stetchford, a chap walking towards me stopped and inquired, “Is swinging your arms like that good for your heart?” A bit of an odd question. I explained that the arm swing was mainly a result of walking fast – the arms just sort of swing to keep up. “Oh – cheers”, he said and went.

I continued on through increasing darkness and wetness. The darkness is called night and the wetness, drizzle.

At mile four (or as we used to say – after four miles) I ripped open an SIS energy bar fortified with 75mg of caffeine. This bar was part of a pack that I’d picked up at Go Outdoors recently and I was trying it out. Verdict – chewy, tasty in a coffee-stylee with a lingering after-taste. Would use again.

A couple of hours after leaving work I had arrived at my destination having clocked 9.42 miles.

Annual Total now standing at 473 miles.

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