Sunday Socks

Another misty start as I ventured out of the house for another ten miles.

This wasn’t going to be anything exciting – it would be a well trodden route to Coleshill, Hams Hall, along the Blythe and back.

I selected the next Billy Yang podcast on my trusty iPod and set off, over the motorway and into the country.

I walked through Water Orton, walking across the Playing Fields where, for a change on a Sunday morning, there was no football going on. Apart from myself, there were only a dog and his walker.

I left Water Orton and continued on, through Coleshill Industrial Park, to the railway station.

Up and down the hill I went crossing the railway line then left the road for a track to Hams Hall Distribution Park.

Skirting around the park, I left the concrete behind for a mile or so of paths following the River Blythe only to be deposited on the far side of Hams Hall.

Another mile past the foreign lorries parked up waiting for their cargoes I strode before dropping back to the station.

From Coleshill Parkway, I retraced my steps back home.

Another 10 miles today, fifty two for the week and a whopping 437 miles for the year.

In the afternoon, my other half and I went to Go Outdoors and was surprised to see that they had a sale on ! We looked at rucksacks, boots, shoes, poles and expensive Rab stuff.
We bought some socks !

I have also bought some socks, online.

These snazzy bad boys are injinji. Apparently, they help the toes splay out naturally instead of being pushed together, which should prevent rubbing and hence, blisters.

A full review will, no doubt, follow. Watch this space and don’t let the suspense get to you !


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